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Torquay Museum

Travel back through 400 million years of time at Torquay Museum – a family-friendly visitor attraction, with lots to see and do for children and adults alike

The Museum re-opened on 22nd July and we are delighted to welcome visitors back, having worked hard to ensure that it will be a safe and enjoyable visit. We strongly recommend that you book your tickets in advance, preferably online via our website, or by telephoning the Museum directly, as visitor numbers are restricted to maintain social distancing.

Each summer the Museum hosts a blockbuster exhibition, and many smaller temporary exhibitions throughout the year. Previous fun and interactive exhibitions included Sci-Fi movie props and costumes, Star Wars toys, Ancient Egyptians, and more. Check out the latest exhibitions on the website.

All year round you can detect your way through Britain’s only permanent Agatha Christie gallery at the Museum, dedicated to the life story of the Queen of Crime. Re-developed and improved, the gallery enables visitors to step inside Poirot’s study and lounge, as featured in ITV’s adaptation of Poirot, starring David Suchet.

Come face-to-face with North-West Europe’s oldest human fossil and the sabre-toothed tigers he shared his Torquay home with 43,000 years ago, then use the exciting forensics CSI table to discover more about them. Explore life and death in the Ancient Egypt gallery, featuring a 2,500 year old mummy.

Then follow the incredible journeys made by Torquay’s famous explorers, from the frozen wastes of the Antarctic to the depths of the Brazilian rainforest, and see the fascinating artefacts they collected during their travels across the globe.

There are half term and summer holiday activities for children, together with trails and interactive exhibits around the Museum. Hunt down the clues in the spooky Curse of the Mummy’s Hand game and crack the secret code on the Explorer’s Trail.